E. Sheehan & Associates Inc.


At E. Sheehan & Associates Inc., we are a highly skilled team of professional insurance advisors dedicated to providing you with the security that comes with peace of mind.


Our people recognize the importance of finding the products to secure your quality of life and the lives of those you love. We do our job with all the care, warmth and clarity you seek in a consultant you trust to provide the best insurance for you, your family or your business.


05/02/2014 15:05
  Lenders often recommend that homebuyers buy an insurance policy that will repay their...
27/10/2013 07:29
If you think that your bank has your best interests at heart when they sell you mortgage insurance...
19/08/2013 14:37
We would like to announce the launch of our new website. You can find information about all the...
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